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0 The idea of forming the band was generated by both singer and bass player Murat Kashirgov in 1997 in the town of Nalchik, when together with a guitarist Alim Nastaev he played his own material along the lines, playing as well in the main line-up of the "Prize" group later on to perform with him at a town jam session. A year later on arrival to Moscow they formed a band with Nalchik musicians:  a drummer Valery Lysenko (ex "Airplane"), and a keyboard player Raff Baziev (ex "Rag Time"), and organized a band entitled "Grail Castle" which recorded 5 tracks in studio during a year period of its existence, performed several gigs and split due to the reasons far from being of any musical character....


0 By the end of 2000 Kashirgov together with Lysenko and Vladimir Kochetkov resumed rehearsals and studio activity in a band called "Arteria" (initially "Art-area" originated from the English "territory of art"). Later on a bass player Roman Meshkov joined the band. With this line-up the group has recorded 7 songs and performed several gigs in Moscow clubs. In 2002 the line-up changed - a bass player Slava Antonets joined the band, afterwards the brand new material was recorded in Ross-records studios, then a long pause in the bandэs activity took place.

0 In summer of 2003 MK jointly with an accordion player Aslan Dudar, and a trumpet player Anzor Uvizhev recorded a song called "Autumn Blues" as an experiment in attempt to combine folklore instruments sound with contemporary pop rock sound. Thus by the end of autumn of 2005 another 12 tracks were recorded with Vladimir Kochetkov performing the guitar and bass guitar parts. Arrangements were made by Murat, Aslan, Vladimir, as well as by Alexandr Shulginov, in whose studio Shultz-records the material was recorded. Now the project has the name "Noba Rey" (from Kabardinian nobarey , which means "today or nowadays"). Besides 4 main members many other musicians contributed to the recording of this album - Slava Antonets (bass), Valery Lysenko (drums), Aslan Ashkhotov (cello), Vlad Nikitin (bass), Raf Baziev (keyboards), Andrey Tolasov (guitar). The project was produced by Murat himself.

0 Since June 2006 the project "Noba Rey" was Murat Kashirgov and Vladimir Kochetkov. Exactly at that time at his own home studio and with all possible help of Vladimir, Murat started working on the new album that includes remixes and remakes of circassian native songs. Also, another good friend of Murat - Yuriy Bezirov  took an active and unusual part as a story-teller in new album's record. Later in Nalchik, Anzor Uvizhev played all wind instruments parts. The part of keys in one of the songs was performed by a well-known in Adygeya and Circassia musician - Aslan Gotov.

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